Kate Kenyon


Usability Testing in Content: How to get to good

Content is an expensive asset to make and keep. It's worth being very clear that what you're making is truly valuable, else you're wasting money and talent on zombie content. But while most people are quick to point at content they think is poor, defining 'valuable content' is usually a painful, circular process and frequently no more than opinion.

Content usability testing is a quick, objective method of assessing content's use, value and priority. It bring objective data and a user-centred view that becomes hard to argue with. This session includes a case study from a large global bank, struggling to manage over 10,000 pages of intranet content.


Kate has worked in digital content strategy and management for over 15 years. She help companies plan and develop their content in a way that supports their business aims, and makes their customers happy. She leads the content consulting team at Cognifide, and has wrangled pretty much every CMS there is. Kate is frequently invited to speak on content strategy, and has spoken and run workshops at Confab (US), Intelligent Content Conference (US), CS Forum (Europe) and many other events in the UK.