Lisa M. Moore


Reality check: Using high-fidelity content to deliver better customer experiences

The widespread use of high-fidelity prototypes in the design process brings numerous benefits: for project teams, stakeholders, and ultimately, for customers.

This case study will showcase two instances (at a major credit reference agency and a leading provider of inflight entertainment) when the use of high-fidelity content in high-fidelity prototypes enhanced collaboration and ensured we were designing appropriate customer journeys.

The use of hi-fi content made it easier to evaluate, ideate and gather feedback about the two teams' proposed content approaches in real time. Not only did this technique support a more content-centric approach during the design process, but it also created an evidence-based approach for stakeholders who had been sceptical about implementing a content strategy framework.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why there's no substitute for real content
  • Where to get it and how it enhances the design process
  • How it can buy you time to do the strategic content thinking many clients don't think they need (aka, 'I'm not paying for that!')


Lisa has worked in the digital industry for over 20 years, both in the US and the UK. Today, she runs her own content strategy consultancy company in London, working with clients to design, measure, create and govern their digital content. With a background in industries spanning retail, financial services, travel, entertainment and telecoms (with a bit of gambling thrown in for good measure!), Lisa is able to help companies think about content across the entire customer journey, not just as part of a one-off campaign. Alongside degrees in journalism and mass communication from Boston University, she holds an MSc in human-computer interaction with ergonomics from University College London. In addition to her client work, Lisa serves as a program development consultant and lecturer at FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences in Austria, which is offering the first MA in content strategy. She also teaches and mentors students in the Digital Futures apprentice training initiative in London.