Madi Weland Solomon


Future Facing, Future Feeds: Getting and Benchmarking New Busines Revenue

We are at a juncture where we - content strategists, information managers, librarian, taxonomists, and related professionals - must shift our focus on gauging how good content is from impulse to metrics that measure the impact of content on users. User data is the only benchmarking worth pursuing, and we can do this using behavioural data.

What trends will inform content strategy in the near future? In media distribution, new business models are emerging, and they're all based about "feeds." What's a feed? It's the ability for a content distributor to become more than just a 15-minute break. Content becomes a service that provides viewers with hours of nonstop engagement. When we understand consumer behaviour and social interactions, we understand their appetite for specific kinds of content. Madi gives us valuable insights into the top three emerging business models.


Madi brings over twenty years of knowledge and experience from a range of sectors. She is a creative technologist that specialises in information architecture, business intelligence, and semantic technologies that bridge the technical with social and cultural constructs. She has held executive roles in large multi-national companies and has initiated and led business transformation programs from the ground up. By combining soft skills with hard data, she has successfully introduced innovative products and new processes into operation.

She is on the Advisory Board for Whisk, an online food platform, and Marketing Officer for Northern Creative Studios.

She holds certifications in TOGAF-9 Enterprise Architecture, the International Association of Privacy Professional (CIPP/US), and The Open Data Institute. She is on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Digital Asset Management, and Co-Chair of the W3C Open Linked Education Data Community Group. She holds a BFA from Boston University.