Babak Zand


Agile Content Strategy: developing and implementing a content strategy with few resources

Pixum is one of the most successful online photoprint services in Europe and increasingly plans towards customer oriented marketing. The base therefore requires a corporate communication strategy that develops pixum with the help of agile management methods and which implements results in an agile way.

The SCRUM-Team is the heart of this process. For its agile Content-Marketing, Pixum was nominated for the Marketing Intelligence and Innovation Award 2016 of the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in the category of Best Marketing Organization. This presentation introduces the method of the Scrum-Team, the development of a content strategy, the tools used, and how Pixum solved the challenges at a practical implementation level. Babak also shows how this method can be applied at the development of a documented content strategy.


Babak Zand is a blogger, content-strategist, certified Scrum master (@encurio) and lecturer.

After he completed his training as an infantryman, the former time soldier (12 years) continued his training as media- and information sergeant (PR adviser) within the German Army and took over the press- and public relation work as well as online marketing for his duties. Babak Zand was stationed at the European Union as media administrator of a multinational media team in London from 2012 to 2013. He was responsible project manager for the relaunch of website during this time.

As a blogger he writes and comments the subjects content-strategy, agile management and creative leadership on As a free content strategist and certified SCRUM master Babak Zand offers assistance on self-help, supports organization to develop a documented Content-Strategy and to implement the same within organizations. Babak Zand is also a lecturer at the University of Applied Science in Cologne teaching the main study focus fields "Creative Leadership" and "Content-Strategy".