Kathy Matosich


Turning Co-Workers into Collaborators

It can feel overwhelming to be the sole content strategist on a team. But I found that just because you're the only content strategist, it doesn't mean you're working alone. Even at Facebook where you have a great network of colleagues, being the only content strategist working day-to-day on a product team of 40+ was a little daunting. So when I found myself muttering copy options to myself over and over again, I decided to turn my other team members into collaborators. All disciplines, from product design, to marketing, to engineering make great partners.

I just had to know how to talk to.

Learning to carefully framing my requests for feedback from this group gave me more insight into language than I could have unearthed on my own. And once I knew how to communicate my goals about how my work could help them in reaching their own goals, we were suddenly all in the same boat together.

This presentation is a story about collaboration, communication and not feeling like you're in it alone. I'll share:

  • Making co-workers into content
  • strategy collaborators through shared goals and metrics
  • How to frame feedback requests from disciplines other than content strategy
  • Get to the heart of what you need to succeed


Kathy Matosich is a content strategist at Facebook where she recently helped launch their latest stand-alone app, Events from Facebook. She earned a Masters in Communication from the University of Washington in Digital Media. Prior to Facebook, she spent a decade in television and commercial production in Montana, where she was born and raised.