Marlowe Beckley


A Core Content Strategy Process for a Strong Start

Content Strategy at its core is a process. However, once we complete the discovery phase, everyone seems to have a different process. How do you know what your project needs? How can you work in parallel with other work tracks? How can you align your agency's process with the client process?

After working for over half a dozen agencies, scores of clients, and researching best practices for a decade, the bottom line is that no matter which agency or corporation, the core process has not really deviated, no matter how each organisation wants to brand their own "special sauce". Here is the definitive core process, a "CS101", if you will, which is useful for beginner and experts alike, and provides the jumping-off point for the variable processes that follow.

This workshop is designed to teach you a consistent, repeatable content strategy methodology that can guide you through any type of project. What you'll learn:

  • A flexible, future-proof CS methodology
  • How to determine which deliverables are required or optional
  • How to align terminology and process between clients and vendors
  • How to adapt the process for condensed timelines, partial projects, etc.

Go back to work with the tools to integrate a core content strategy process into your organization to help your team create better content solutions.


Marlowe Beckley has worked with some of the largest companies in the world and the cream of the Fortune 50-most of them known best by their initials. And because she loves to share what she's learned, she regularly speaks at conferences, which have included the Intelligent Content Conference, Information Development World, and CMS Expo. her specialty areas as global content strategy, enterprise content strategy, content models, content management systems, taxonomies, metadata schema, mobile content strategy, SEO, and content analytics.