Beverley Brown


Digital Transformation - the Content Experience
Co-presenting with Vasiliki Prestidge

Companies that lead a digital transformation of their business are more profitable than their industry average. Established organisations, having spent many years operating via traditional methodologies, now find that they need to move quickly to meet customers' expectations.

Consumers have become increasingly more sophisticated in the way they communicate and interact with organisations online, hence the need for a customer-centric approach and well-structured, pertinent content and systems designed to support the business.

This presentation will demonstrate how content sits within a digital transformation programme in the context of a case study for OPP. Attendees will learn more about:

  • why a digital transformation project is required and the value of stakeholder buy-in
  • research, project management and details of the processes, tools and CMS
  • an overview of content assets and the strategy for next steps


Beverley has worked in the content discipline for more than 20 years. Having held leadership roles at PayPal (Director, International Content) and SGS (Head of Content & SEO) she is experienced at working across international markets and in heavily regulated industries. At PayPal, working within the Globalisation function, she defined requirements and successfully implemented the next generation in-context content management system.

She currently works as an Interim Director on content and digital transformation projects relishing the challenge of bringing organisations' legacy systems and processes up to speed. She has an interest in Fintech and its implications for disruption and innovation in content. Beverley also speaks, tweets and blogs on digital transformation and content-related topics. She blogs at